"At once impish and playful, Zealand’s piece centers around a colony of filters on the floor with small clumps of filters floating up and away into space (the wires are invisible – this piece really does float on air). ‘Colony’ is an apt descriptor for this piece, as the filters reminded this reviewer of a clumping of barnacles or mollusks living in the sea. Watching individual units float to and from the main grouping, one wonders what type of communication occurs between life forms we assume are non-sentient." East City Art Reviews: Wavelengths at Honfleur Gallery -, June 28, 2010
"Artist transforms trash, and herself in the process" - Frederick News-Post, January 15, 2010
Interview with stylist Sharon Pendana on The Trove, December 7, 2009
"the delicate structure sways with the slightest movement, and the individual pieces are especially engaging because of their texture and their range in color." - Best of Artomatic 2009, Art Seen Blog
"Alex's work always presents itself as something other than what it is, at least to me, and her piece this year creates the same sense of wonder, a yearning to sit and contemplate and see where the communion between piece and mind might take you. Mostly it's feelings and not words, a bodily reaction to something I don't quite understand but like a lot." - Tammy Vitale, Women Art, Life: Weaving it all together
"Alex Zealand, a.k.a lexi on, will become an important artist in the DC area. She’s moving in a direction that I find very exciting. She’s working with recycled materials, which I think is rather tough to move into a real art form that truly becomes a 3d work of art. Often I’ve looked at recycled materials and thought, "Huh. That looks like a pile of trash." This is not true for her work. When I take a look at Lexi’s art, I’m pulled away in another dimension of thought left with many questions which often end up in how did she do that, what is it made out of, and why." (read more) -Jesse Cohen, ArtDC. com Art You Must Aquire December 15, 2008 and Lexi at AOM, May 27, 2009
"Artomatic ends this weekend. Several photographers I like: Pat Padua, Damien Gill, Theresa Manzanares, Paul Walters. I also like Dale Hunt's cartoony lowbrow paintings and the group of ceramic artists of "Coincide" on the 10th floor. Alexandra Zealand also had a cool organic-looking sculpture. Lots of up and comers.-Michael O' Sullican on Washington Post’s Weekend Now, writing about Artomatic 2008 and Addiction, part 3. Go."

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