Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Artomatic 2017

"Things My Father Used to Say" 

Work in Process

I'm on the 3rd floor at Artomatic, space 3401. I'll be there for the opening on Friday, March 24 - come see me.

I'm showing embroidered shop rags, and two coffee cup pieces. My goal is to get feedback on the work, to get a sense of how they come across to other people.

My wall, before I was completely done installing.

I got a bunch of the rags from my mechanic, so they smell like a machine shop:

These are one more step in my attempt to get a handle on who my dad was.

It's really hard to make abstract work about someone who used so few words, who was all about actions over language, and never wanted to describe himself in sentimental terms.

I feel like I'm trying to define the space around him, in order to explain who he was.

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