Monday, October 11, 2010

Mud is cool

Every potter - and 2 year old - knows that mud is really, really cool.


This weekend my husband ran the Warrior Dash in PA. It's a short race, but it's full of obstacles, and there's a lot of mud towards the end.


As a result, the competitors cross the finish line in various degrees of mud encrustation. Some try hard to stay up out of the mud, and emerge fairly clean. Others belly flop into the mud and then flip over and do the back stroke through this part of the course.


My husband didn't do the back stroke, but he did get pretty covered.


I'd forgotten how fascinating mud is - it's a liquid! No, it's becoming a solid! - until I was standing with my husband as he waited to be hosed off by volunteer firefighters after the race.


I could have spent an hour getting interesting mud photos, but my husband was freezing at this point (he'd also walked through a pond, so he was soaked), and I didn't want him to get hypothermia while I geeked out on organic transformation.

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