Sunday, May 2, 2010

Now I need to buy beads, too

The thread has not yet arrived. Luckily I found a spool of the old stuff in the back of a drawer in my work bench that i can use for now, just to prep the pieces for the Greenbelt installation.

But I can't find the beads I need - I'll probably come across them next month when I'm looking for something else - so a trip to Target may be in order. Fingers crossed that their arts&crafts section sells seed beads.....

These are the peels, hanging in front of my workbench. I'm hoping to give them enough time to stretch - if they're going to - before I hang them Wednesday. Some of them lengthen after hanging, so I'd like to know how long each one is really going to be, since relative size will be important to the overall arrangement.

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D.M. SOLIS said...

Dear One,

Have you tried making paper beads? I used teach them in art and in social justice courses (because they are made from recycled magazines pages). They can be colorful as you wish and shaped differently.

Good luck on your bead search. I love your striking sculptures and the fact that they are eco-friendly, indeed, eco-loving.