Friday, May 7, 2010

Fibonacci debuts at Greenbelt Community Center

After 3 days of work, my new piece is up at the Greenbelt Community Center, in Greenbelt MD. This one is definitely still an evolving idea - but since I've never been able to put it up before, this was as far as I'd been able to take it in my head. Now that it's up I have some new ideas, but I know that I need to live with it for a while before I decide where it goes next.

I took a few videos - with the window shades down you can't see the color on the upper-most peels, but it gives a decent sense of how the piece moves and hangs in the space. If you have your volume up, you'll note that I was listening to the Glee! soundtrack. (a lot)

I like this photo of all the peels, laid out by size before I hung them. I took it with my cell phone, so it's not fabulous quality, but I love the reflection in the window:


Jane said...

do you need more peals? we can be very, very careful! and try drying them in the dehydrator?

dyannflute said...

It's really interesting that one peel is a peel, but the juxtaposition of many together creates movement and flow, almost musical in its repetition. Bravo Alex!

Unknown said...

I'm always floored by the beauty of your work Alex. J

Maegen said...

Beautiful :)

steam for mac said...


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