Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nice write up on Grayson's show in Hyattsville

My friend Jesse wrote up last weekend's the reception for the show at the ArtDC gallery in Hyattsville, which was packed:
The gallery was filled at capacity for the extent of the night, the band played on, and the patrons stayed to discuss the art! We were pleased with the mix of interesting and important visitors from UMD professors, George Koch of artomatic, art collectors and gallery directors..

Grayson's View from on Vimeo.

It's a great write up in general, so if you missed the show you get a good feel for what was there through both the words, photos and video. He also wrote about including me - the non-MD artist - in the show:
While curating the show, Grayson and I were talking about Peter’s work, and I couldn’t get Alexandra Zealand’s coffee filter works out of my head. So we invited her to join the show. There’s a connection between the repetitive material nature of their works. One filter or phone line isn’t enough. They hammer the idea in and create a new work out of old materials with a furious energy. As we move through this gallery process, I become more and more excited about site-specific work, and how they can change from space to space. Lexi’s work is a great example of that, since her filter works were created for her past exhibition at the Delaplaine in Fredrick, MD where they lived as wall installations. Here, we worked together to fly them with fishing line. During the show they would move and float with the air current.

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