Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fantastic write up from Sharon on Pendulum

My friend Sharon Pendana writes a blog called pendulum, which she describes as "The random musings and myriad inspirations of a bespectacled, red metal wearing, travel-loving, chocophilic stylist in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn."

A professional stylist by day, Sharon and I met when we lived on the same street in Brooklyn, and our dogs became friends. We've stayed in contact in the years since, and as fate would have it we settled close to where her mother lives. Sharon was able to see my Artomatic 09 piece this summer (ironically also running into a childhood friend at the same time), and apparently that got her thinking about my work.

So check out Sharon's Trove post on me and my work, not just for her insight into my inspirations, but also for her remarkable writing. And then read her blog for more fantastic writing. And if you need a stylist, Sharon's your gal.

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