Saturday, August 22, 2009

August update

I said that I was going to take a break after Artomatic. I was sort of wrong. So here's a quick post to catch up on the last month and the coming months.

Along with a lot of my favorite local artists, I'm in The Zip Code Show next week (August 29 - September 5th). A combination gallery show and music event, this is a collaboration between Art Outlet and, with The Halstead Arlington and The Columbia Pike Revitalization Project. I installed my burnt match piece - Home (5 parts in Morse Code) - today.

Henrick Sundqvist (of Art Outlet) and I are creating new work, to represent Arlington County artists at an upcoming event to celebrate the start of renovation of the "former Newseum site in Rosslyn into a cultural center that will showcase the arts in Arlington and spur redevelopment by hosting a vibrant mix of year-round performances, exhibits and events." The event is in early October, so more info to come....

I'm designing a new floating pith-piece for a commission - my first! The buyers saw my work at both this year and last year's Artomatic, and contacted me. I love the collaborative process of working with people to create something for a specific space. And I may be in the market for a second hand band saw....

And finally, my friend Reidy saw this exploratory pith-piece in the window of my studio, and loved it. Since I'd hit a dead end with it, I happily gave it to her. Here it is in her window (bad photo, taken with with phone).

And Leon starts kindergarten in 2 weeks. Ack!

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