Wednesday, July 15, 2009

June wrap-up (several weeks late)

It's been a very busy month, and I am completely exhausted. Artomatic was fantastic - it was wonderful to see people I'd only been emailing with for the past year, and I got involved more as a volunteer by leading kids' tours (highlighting some of the multi-media work). I was also very happy with my piece, got a lot of good feedback and critique, and have some strong ideas on where to take it next. And although I didn't sell anything, I may have picked up a commission, and I did receive several invitations to apply for solo shows around the area.

I made a short video of the finished piece, after all the surrounding work came down:

My next project is to clean up my studio (it's slowly taking over our apartment, but I just got new shelving). And I need to ship four of my coffee filter pieces (from the Surfaces show) to the Wohlfarth Gallery in Provincetown MA, where they will be showing some of my work for the next 6 months or so (longer, if it goes well). That is super-cool.

Then I'm going to turn my attention to this piece, which I started almost 2.5 years ago (our first winter in VA), because I've had some new ideas about where to take it. I'll post better photos as it evolves.


Anonymous said...

I found this blog today and thought of you (specifically your library book projects):


The Librarians said...

That is totally fascinating!