Tuesday, June 16, 2009

People say more really nice things about my work...

Artist Tammy Vitale has a really great blog called Women, Art, Life; Weaving it all Together, in which she writes about both her own work, and that of other artists. She's just posted an interview we did regarding my Artomatic piece this year. She writes,
Alex's work always presents itself as something other than what it is, at least to me, and her piece this year creates the same sense of wonder, a yearning to sit and contemplate and see where the communion between piece and mind might take you. Mostly it's feelings and not words, a bodily reaction to something I don't quite understand but like a lot.
I am also honored to have been chosen by the DC Art Seen blog as one of their Best of Artomatic this year (scroll down, I'm at the bottom). About my work they write, "the delicate structure sways with the slightest movement, and the individual pieces are especially engaging because of their texture and their range in color."

I am quite delighted by both write-ups - Thank you Tammy and Alison!

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tammy vitale said...

Alex - am delighted to be able to share your work and your thoughts with my readers!