Monday, November 3, 2008


I just found out that the Ofrenda show was featured on WAMU's Art Beat segment, and National Geographic Traveler's Intelligent Traveler blog last week.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - Haven't visited in a while. Lookin good. I like the grape nest/bird box. The raw wood is a little unfinished in the photos. Perhaps a primitive stain? tea? Overall its a little precious right now but that's ok.

But I'm really jazzed about the matches! Are they lacquered? Bummer about the different brands burning differently, but the piece that you wanted to be a complete circle reads like Egyptian necklaces, a bit. I really like it. What happens if you burn toothpicks? Cheaper?

The resin book is also great. I like the cracking, reads to me like a typography map - I dont see it as emotional, but rather as interpreting the view of nature/world view on the opposing page. Also the header, since it is truncated is poetic in a similar way.