Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still not quite right, but this is what it will look like for Ofrenda

Given that I have to deliver this piece tonight (we're going to NYC tomorrow), I'm currently unable to achieve exactly what I want with the pedestal. I think it needs to be much narrower, and maybe taller, but I don't have time to build or find the right box. So I've improvised a bit in order to improve the proportions, using stuff I had in the studio. Here are two mediocre photos, taken in front of my workbench - the first is with no flash, the second uses the flash.

I've used a circular plastic container (usually filled with push-pins) to lift the nest up off the pedestal and visually separate them a bit more. And the smaller wooden box is an old wine box that I use for my sewing stuff. It's attached to the back wall of the pedestal with a piece of 2x4 left over from building our bed 5 years ago. The interior light seems right in principle, but the execution is not as seamless as I'd like. The bird is still hanging from the inside of the pedestal, so it's a little in front of the inner-box's opening.

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Jane said...

well, I like it!

a box of grape stems coming by mail so you can recreate,improve,play ---