Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nest, version 4

I'm feeling incredibly uncertain about this. The proportions are bothering me most of all, I think - the sphere suddenly feels too small on this drawer. Also, the drawer/pedestal is in direct response to the fact that I have to have a pedestal for the piece this week at Ofrenda. So I was playing around with how to 1) use a pedestal as part of the piece and 2) still work with the bird. Sadly, it felt a little better in my head....

But I'm really tired, so I'll need to look at it again tomorrow. I also don't know if I'm unhappy because it really isn't working, or because I can't get a decently lit photo, on account of all the depth in the piece.

Thoughts? Gut reactions? Rotten tomatoes?


Jane said...

what happens if you raise the nest above the pedestal (sp?) are the proportions better?
I think the nest may be visually crowding the stand,and vice versa -

the bird seems to be headed back to the nest -- intentional?

I wondered what you were doing this weekend!

Alex Z said...

Good thoughts. The bird has always been physically in the nest before this, so I'm trying to find a way to relate the bird to the nest, without placing it inside. Maybe, again, I should just get rid of the bird. Obviously, I'm having a hard time letting go of the bird...

I think raising the nest up would be a good idea. That would do two things - improve the proportions, and also change the relationship with the bird, again (good or bad? I don't know). The question is how, of course.