Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Match circle, maybe

Because the match heads are really very cool, I have been playing with massing the matches with the heads left on. As you can see, the slightly tapered nature of the burned matches makes the shape curve in an interesting way.

But I wanted to finish this before posting photos. Unfortunately, I ran out of the original matches before I got halfway around the planned circle. And when I bought more, I discovered that Shoppers Food Warehouse has replaced the Home Best brand with Home Life brand, and they're really different - slightly wider, and the tips don't burn the same way at all. Which isn't a big deal unless your working out a sculpture that's all about the combined visuals of massing....

So unless I can find more Home Best kitchen matches in the big 3-pack boxes, this piece is stuck. And it looks way too much like a rainbow in this form, without the full circle shape to balance out the anthropomorphised visual of people huddled together. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

What a shame that you can't buy the same brand. Do other stores in that chain perhaps have some left?

Are the matches sturdy enough when glued together that you could take the crescent and curl the ends around to meet each other, into a truncated cone shape? Might look like a ring of people huddled together, or a tree stump after a forest fire.

Alex Z said...

I'm going to keep looking for the old brand, never fear.

As for curling the piece, that's an interesting thought..... the matches are sturdy, but the question would be one of supporting the shape as it dried.... hmmm.