Sunday, September 21, 2008

More matches

I made another, bigger match piece today - this one is about 10" long.

When I did the first one, I made it really small in part because I figured that if it was in fact interesting to other people, I could submit it to a local 'Small Works' show (I've never made anything small enough that I felt was good enough to submit to a small works show).

But now I'm curious to get reactions as to how the length/scale affect the form. Is it better, worse, or just different? If so, how? And should I try to go even longer?


lyndah said...

This might be really obvious, but I think it's interesting that they are burned on both ends. The longer piece makes me look at the distance between burns between matches more. Can you use any that are totally burned but not turned to ash?


Anonymous said...

I think I like the longer piece better. In a larger scale, the individual matches recede and the pattern becomes the focus instead of the materials. In the small version, I notice the matches and the pattern about equally.

Alex Z said...

Hey Lynda - I went to the store to buy more matches, and discovered they'd change brands on me - from Home Best to Home Life. The Home Life matches are a tiny bit thicker, and the heads don't burn to the same texture. So think that I will try something with entirely burned matches, with this new set. Right now I'm working on one where I kept the un-burned section, but the heads stayed on - it's different. It feels a little more decorative, and less raw, but it's also bigger in scale. I'll be interested to get your reaction.

Alex Z said...

Hey bobbie - thanks for the feedback. In the bigger one, with the pattern being more of the focus, in what ways do you think that the materials inform the piece (if at all)?

Anonymous said...

I think I liked the shorter one better, since it pulled me in to look at detail more. The longer one left me feeling it was meant to be a piece of something else larger.

Anonymous said...

With the longer piece, I am more drawn to the overall pattern, the warm color flanked by the darker ends. Overall, my response is 'ragged' and 'irregular'. When I think of those terms, the fact that it's made up of burnt matches reinforces those impressions, maybe a little more deliberately.

It's also possible that the pieces would elicit a different response in person, instead of on the internet, though, you know?