Friday, September 12, 2008

Michael R. Richards, Artist, -September 11, 2001

I first heard about the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s “World Views” program (which gave artists studio space in the Twin Towers) during a radio segment on NPR. I immediately decided that someday I would get one of those studios - it seemed like the most exciting, romantic, awe-inspiring and uniquely-NY place on earth to make art.

Michael Richards did have a studio space in the Towers, and on the night of September 10th, he had stayed there overnight, working. Although I'd never met him, I had heard about him through our mutual friend Sharon, and when we stood on our street in Brooklyn on the evening of September 11th, tallying up who we knew was safe and who we had yet to hear from, I shared her fear that his last know location had been his studio, and that he was still missing.

Sharon wrote about Michael, including a bit about his show at the Corcoran Gallery here in DC in 2000, on her blog yesterday. Check it out. And here is further information about his sculpture pictured above, Tar Baby vs St. Sebastian.


sharon said...


Thanks for the homage to Michael and the link to pendulum. I appreciate it.

Michael was as kind as he was talented. He is missed by many--as a friend and as an artist and I often wonder about the direction his work would have taken and what his take would have been on the current political climate.

I feel blessed to have known him.

Alex Z said...

Hey Sharon,

My mom said she really appreciated reading your post about Michael, too. Thanks again for writing about him last week.


Anonymous said...

I just went to the NCMA and I saw the sculpture.It is displayed prominantly in the middle of the floor and is breathtaking.Photos do not do it justice.

Alex Z said...

I have to get down there to see it in person...