Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dragon Bones update

Having been sick the last two days, I spent most of yesterday sleeping, and a lot of today resting and blowing my Niagara Falls-like nose. By this afternoon I finally felt up to actually doing something with my hands, so I started work on Dragon Bones.

Dragon Bones with the first layer of resin (grid underneath is from the cutting mat I used to lay saran wrap over, to protect the prologue), drying on the AC unit. The title page of the last chapter - The Wild Domain - is on the right.

Roots of all kinds are a theme of the book, so I'd planned to make a two sided display box to fill with roots, using about 2/3rds of the book (leaving the preface, title page, and the last chapter intact). I'm trying to work with acrylic resin again, this time as the window material, in part because of the slight amber tint it has, which feels right for the book.

I laid in the first layer of resin today, at the front of the book. I had been hoping to be able to create two resin panes, so that the roots would be between them, but I had trouble getting the resin to fill the corners of the book while laying on top of the layer of saran wrap that I was trying to use as a divider. So I made the snap decision to lay the resin straight into the book, which will probably mean the the roots end up embedded in a solid block of resin - I won't be able to remove what I laid in today, which mean that I won't be able to create a second removable pane, either. I also suspect that the resin I put in today will have creeped under the front page and marred it quite a bit, so that's something else I'll probably have to work around. Maybe I can glue down the title page, and cover over the spill...

As a side note, I can't really breathe through my nose, so I also can't tell if the apartment smells of resin fumes. I really hope I got it all cleared... And I did get my CD player to actually play one CD today while I was working - The Mountain Goats' The Sunset Tree, from which comes my latest musical addition. Music really helps - I have GOT to get the CD player fixed.

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