Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dragon Bones - done?

Well, it didn't turn out the way I'd planned - the acrylic dried with a lot of cracking.

(The cracking reminds me a bit of the shattered panes of that glass that Urban Outfitters stores used in the front windows of their stores when I was a kid. Only this is emotional, instead of 'hip and cool'. )

At first I was worried that I'd veered too far off my target, but I got good feedback from the 2 people I showed the book to today. I asked them to give me their immediate emotional impressions, and their reactions fit well enough with what I'm going for - a sense of chaos in a controlled world - that all may not be lost.

So I think I'm going to keep the book just like this - really simple. I have one other person I have to show it to - Stan, who I know from work. He's read the book, so his sense of whether or not this visual fits will be the deciding factor, I think.

In terms of readability, the prologue is still open, as is the last chapter. I lost the 'Dragon Bones' page after the prologue due to deciding to cover up the acrylic spill over, but I think that's fine, since I've still got the main title page.

I suspect that moving the acrylic after it had started to set is what caused the cracking. Also, I need to take more photos, in better light. But my husband was asleep on the couch (which is almost next to my work bench), and I didn't want to wake him up with the maximum blazing wattage of all my lights.

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Jane said...

My first response was the shattering of a vision.
My second was the physics of the break contained by the outer edge - I see a pattern that is interesting, like a topographic map or an organic growth pattern - not chaos, although at first glance random, confusing.

It may feel very different when held in the hand.