Friday, August 1, 2008

All Arlington Salon opening reception at Ellipse Art Gallery

I was able to stay for a whole 45 minutes last night (that's all Leon could manage), but the opening was packed with people and good art. I felt good about my piece, and managed to take some crooked photos of the work that jumped out at me before we had to take off.

Then I went home and suffered all night from what feels like food poisoning (not from the reception 'cause I didn't eat anything there, so probably from dinner), so I'm home today, which is why I have time to put all this up so quickly.

Amy Ordoveza, Small Bulb; oil on linen.

Amy happens to be a coworker of mine, but I'd never seen her work before last night, and fell for this painting before I realized that it was hers.

Novie Trump, Sanctuary; ceramic.

If you read my Atomatic posts, you already know that I love Novie's work.

Mabel Mestre, Untitled; oils

I got to talk to Mabel for a while - she's apparently working more abstractly now, but didn't have anything new ready for the show. I think her composition and color use are beautiful, so I'm looking forward to seeing what she does next.

H.A. Gallucio, Mt. Plesant; c-print

I just like this - good composition. It's not very big, but I'd own it.

Jessica van Brakle, Towers and Lace; acrylic latex and ink on panel

I have a thing for cranes. And I think she may have shown at artomatic - this theme seems familiar to me.

Pablo Lopez Duany, Abstraction - Green -White on Black; Acrylic and oil

Another small piece that just really spoke to me.

Leila Holtsman, Untitled; steel, clay, magnets

Another favorite, and a smaller version of the piece she showed at Artomatic (I have to get in touch with her, would love to do a studio visit, but haven't had time yet).

Linda C. Kosvych, Snapper for Dinner; oil

The color in this just made me happy.

Emma Sky Wolf, The Dreaming Seat; ink, acrylic and digital media

I wish this wasn't covered in glass, because I couldn't get a very good photo, and I lost a lot of the beauty of the background.

Teresa Oaxaca, Tina; charcoal

I don't know anything about this artist, but judging by her website, I want to see more of her work in person.

I believe she's either applied to show at the library, or was at Artomatic, because I've seen some of her other pieces before.

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