Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Someone else writing about my work

I was looking for blog posts about my work that I could use as "press", and I came across this cool flikr post. I may have spoken during Artomatic to the guy who put this up - I had a long and interesting talk about my altered book work with the brother of a woman who was showing near me. He lives in New York, and was I believe, of Japanese descent, which is relevant because I also found the same text and photo on what I'm guessing is the post-author's blog, hosted on a Japanese blogging site. I'm going to try to contact the post author, to find out.

So I get a total thrill from the fact that this person went to such trouble to put up so much info about my work.

Also, this photo is really excellent - and totally makes me lust after a high end digital camera. This person who took it has a really good eye - check out the rest of the photos. And we both like Louise Nevelson.

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