Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recovering, and starting new work

I'm waiting hopefully for my new camera to come in the mail... Until I can post photos of what's going on, here's an update:

I got 3 hours of sleep Monday night, and am still catching up.

Yesterday I started work on the grape-stem sphere, which really means that I bought a beach ball and $75 worth of plaster of paris, and made a 16" diameter hemisphere using the beach wall as a mold. It should be dry enough to start working with by this evening. There are a bunch of practical issues I have to work out with this piece, including how I will attach the stems to each other. I think I will begin by experimenting with wax, since I've decided to dip the stems in wax, but wax is fragile as a connecting material, and extremely susceptible to temperature changes, so I expect it won't be the ideal adhesive.

I also messed around some with burnt match sticks and a broken army truck toy of Leon's last night, in order to think about how to use the match sticks further. I'm still waiting to be inspired.

And tonight I'll take down my Artomatic installation. That has been an amazing experience, in terms of exposure, feedback, and contacts with other artist, and I'm extremely grateful to have been part of it.


Anonymous said...

waiting for a new camera? *perk*

don't forget you can use Folger's instant coffee to develop B&W film

- Roger

Alex Z said...

Okay, wait.. What? Are you serious?