Thursday, June 12, 2008

More about me, by someone else

Tammy Vitale, who is an ArtDC person, posted about our really excellent get together last Friday evening at artomatic, in which a group of about 25 of us viewed and talked about each other's work. She took this cool photo of me talking about my work, which I am posting because there are so few decent photos of me (and you can also see here what the piece looks like now that I've filled in the holes).

I now have a lot of great thoughts and ideas for moving forward with this material/idea, so maybe I'll take photos of my sketch book and post them when we get back from traveling (we're visiting the family in VT and then going to a wedding). You can read what Tammy wrote about my work on her blog here, at the post titled "ArtOMatic 2008, VARC dinner and art presentations" (which I can't seem to get a permalink to, but at the time of this writing it is the second post).

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Anonymous said...

ack! no permalink - must be yet another part of typepad's new and improved software!

Glad you like the picture. I think I have another or two if you'd like me to forward them on. Today I'm going to try again to get the 2nd half of the folks up and I'll see if I can find a permalink and come back and post it here.