Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a helicopter for Leon

This was a car of Leon's. Last night his dad was going to watch a DVD showing him how to take apart and clean his new long gun, and Leon was so taken with the idea of taking things apart and putting them back together again that he scoured his room for things he could take apart. He found a car - one of a set - which we already knew would come apart easily because we'd already broken the other by accident, and decided to 'take it apart'. So I stepped on it, and then he broke it into little pieces. Then I said, "what do you want to make it into now?" And he said, "A helicopter."

So here is our first collaboration - a helicopter. It turned out better than I expected. I've added the second photo because, although it's fuzzy, it shows the 'helicopter-ness' better.

Then I built him a lego truck (without the 'recipe book', as he said), and he spent the evening taking it apart and putting it back together, while narrating to his invisible audience, just like the guy on his dad's DVD.


Alia Shields said...

oh now that's too cute.

Jane said...

I am really pleased that Leon sees that he can create his own reality, can use what's around him (not having to buy something) and sees himself as the narrator (not just the recipient of the video).
This is good stuff he will use his whole life.