Friday, June 6, 2008

Artomatic update, more good press

After having been away for almost two weeks, I took Leon back to artomatic last night, so that I do do more more tweaking of the piece, restock cards, read the comments book, make sure nothing had exploded, etc.

After several hours of work there are still two small holes left, but overall the texture is now much more flowing, and I think the piece has a great sense of being whole. It's hard to explain the gut feeling I have about it, but maybe after tonight - when the ArtDC artists are doing a walking tour in which each of us get 5 minutes to talk about our work - I'll get some more feedback, and be better able to explain why the piece needs to be whole, or, without holes. I'm still hoping to get over to the space early enough tonight to fix the lights so that it's more evenly back lit, but even if I don't, I'm much happier with the piece now.

I've also received another great mention in a local blog.

Side note - Leon was pretty good last night, waiting forever for me to finish up. He got bored a couple of times, but (with the help of his dump truck and two trains) was able to turn a puddle of rain water and a pile of spilled coffee grounds into literally several hours of entertainment. It probably helped that we took the metro - always fun - and stopped mid-way through my work to buy snacks.

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