Sunday, May 18, 2008

tools of the trade

A quick overview of how my artomatic piece came together, with a cameo by Leon. It's not all Cafe Bustelo (my favorite), since a lot of the filters came from the coffee maker at work, where we drink a mixture of Giant store-brand, Trader Joe's Double Dark, and Maxwell House.

Without the steam radiator, my work might never have taken the direction it has (I'll write more about that later). But this is where I dry my stuff out, in the kitchen. I use cheap re-usable filters (4 for $1 at the dollar store) to rest them in while they dry.

And of course, here is the piece. On the wall, but not necessarily finished.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really like the light coffee! And Leon's observations are great too! The big circle of filters with the light cable (?) reminds me of certain corporate lobbies in New York with the illuminated marble interiors. Still wish I could smell the work.