Sunday, May 18, 2008

some of the good stuff from the 10th floor

Tonight after working some more on my piece, I took photos of some of my favorite work so far (no, I still haven't seen the whole building...). I started with my floor, #10, which includes a group of excellent ceramic sculptors. For scale, each artist has a wall 12' long by 8' high, to fill with work.

Leila Holtsman - this one is rust oxidization on steel, I think. Her AOM page talks about working in clay - which is what she usually does - so this may be a radical/experimental departure just for artomatic. She's one of the artists I'm really hoping to talk in person.

Novie Trump - Books! In clay! With stuff in them! And bird imagery!
For obvious reasons, we are fans of each other's work, although I have yet to meet her in person.

Elizabeth Kendall - I first saw this piece when I went in to paint my wall 2 weeks before AOM opened. Most of the floor was still empty, but she was already done, and I was really excited to see that I would be showing with such playful, beautiful and adventurous work. She's one of the ceramic artists, so what you're looking at is a bunch of clay circles threaded on long flexible rods, the other end of which are then screwed into the wall. The weight of the circles makes the rods bend down, and some of them are several feet long.

Carl made this excellent diorama. I don't know his last name, but he has done a series of Peep dioramas for the Washington Post's Easter competition. All of this year's entries are on display on the 10th floor, but Carl's - including Full Sugar Coating - are my favorites. I also think I worked with him last Saturday during my volunteer shift. There will be a Peep Diorama workshop for kids on May 31st and June 7th, and a reception to meet all the artists on May 31st. More info here.

Eric Celarier - Leon likes this work a lot, too. He wanted to know what each part did - much to my surprise, he recognized the pieces as being computer parts. Celarier has at least one other piece on the 10th floor, but this is my favorite. The colors work so well together that I find myself believing I could lie down on this and be as cozy as if it were a real rug.


Anonymous said...

Great overview of artomatic artists!. I missed that ceramic piece in my perusings (am constantly amazed at having been through, with camera and notepad, all the floors at least twice and some many more - at how much I've still missed!). We have an artist in Southern Maryland who works with old tv tubes making collages (she also does barbie doll mermaids, paints and makes wild purses - she's very eclectic but didn't want to drive in DC so I couldn't talk her into ArtOMatic). That's what that last piece reminds me of. Hope to put together a conglomerate of blogs and reviews on my blog sooner than later. I'll definitely be linking to you.

David said...


"Leila Holtsman ... She's one of the artists I'm really hoping to talk in person."

Leila will be spending a good deal of time at AOM on June 12-15. I am sures she would be glad to talk to you about her "change in materials." (It's a funny story.)

You can leave a contact number on a note near her piece, or call me in the city at 368-6100 and I will give her a message.

(loving husband)

David said...

I like that you like Carol Barton - I've known her and her husband for ten years or so.

- Dave

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the comments - sadly, I was out of town the last week, and missed closing weekend. Having read some of what other people have written about Leila's piece, i have a better sense of what she was doing with this piece, but I would still love to talk with her at some point soon.

David said...

Hi Alex.

If you call me in the city at 368-6100 I will give you her number and email. I am sure she would like to talk with you.

I hope your trip went well.

- Dave