Saturday, May 10, 2008

photos from AOM opening night

The opening last night was excellent. Artomatic is amazing and huge and the work is generally quite good. Leon is reaching an age where it is harder to have him at events like this because he doesn't like me needing to be an artist and not just his mom, while on the other hand he wants to help, but kept trying to make people take postcards, and wanted them all to know that this was his mom's sculpture. Which is sweet, but no so helpful when I'm trying to lurk unobtrusively and eavesdrop, while still be obtrusive enough to be noticed if people want to talk to me.

In all that, I tried to take some photos, but it was too chaotic to do a good job. So these are not great, but they're better than nothing. With back light and day light, before I made my name darker (at the right):

The display shelf for The Road, with my postcards (finally arrived!), and a note about the Transformed Books project:

Starting to get darker - I'm using no front light except day light. You can see Dave's work to the left - he does silkscreens on wood panels. They have this weird retro tom sawyer meets 1920s cartoon feel. I like them.

Night, finally. The lights are not lined up under the filters quite as precisely as I'd have liked, but no one else seems to care (at least not that they told me). And the holes are bothering me, a lot. I wish I'd made it completely solid, with no holes, and C confirms this. But again, in talking to viewers, no one else seemed to think it was the colossal failure that I was seeing.


Alia Shields said...

I think you are right about it needing to be more solid. Maybe it's the circular shape. The holes might work if it were more like an amorphous cloud, which sounds like what you had in mind at first.

But really it still looks good to me! Really cool with the lights behind it.

Alia Shields said...

p.s. I'm sitting here at the desk overhearing a patron (I don't know who they are but they said they saw you at Artomatic last night) commend you work. So smile!

Jane said...

From the photographs, I like the shapes the filters make as they are fastened together that are made more visible because of the holes. Maybe this is my architectural mind: seeing the flower patterns that emerge for example.
I also like the variation of light coming through the filters depending on how tightly they sit beside each other. so I think the holes are effective.
I'm glad the altered book project is included.