Thursday, May 8, 2008

My piece for artomatic is up! But...

My Artomatic wall-hanging sculpture is finished and hung up! I've had more sleep than some other people who were installing at the last minute, but somehow the accumulated lack of sleep over the last week, plus the much deserved half-beer I drank last night after I got home, have conspired to give me the most unpleasant, head-ache-and-upset-stomach feeling of being hung over. Which I haven't felt in so long that it took me hours to even recognize.

Anyway, I finally finished building yesterday, and got it installed on my wall last night. The bulk of the piece came together over the weekend, but figuring out exactly what kind of form it should take, and then tweaking the shape and fixing the edges took an agonizingly long time. It ended up as a circle, about 6' in diameter, back-lit with LED rope lights. It looks really good on the wall, but I couldn't test the lights in the space because the power in my section was out. Hopefully that will be resolved today, but I won't get to see the piece with its lighting until after 5 pm on Friday, when the show is already open to the public. So, fingers crossed on that one - my main concern is that the spill under and behind the filters will look bad.

I also couldn't take a photo of the piece, because my camera has stopped working, again. And unlike last time, whacking it does not have a positive affect. Hopefully I'll have a photo to post on Friday.

And, I keep realizing dumb things I've forgotten to do, like get a guest book to put out in my space. And I didn't put the date of the meet the artists night (Friday, May 16th), or the actual location of my space (10th floor, 1A, NW corner), onto my postcards. Duh. But since I don't know enough people around here to actually mail - or even give - cards to, I can hand write my location on the ones that I do give out. Most of the postcards will serve as publicity in my space, for people to pick up and walk off with, and not knowing how many people are likely to be interested in my work over the course of a month, I ordered 1000. But unfortunately - because someone did ask for them - I didn't have my cards last night. Even though I paid a ridiculous amount to have them shipped by yesterday, they did not arrive, so I'm hoping feverishly that they do arrive today.

I had also brought a charcoal pencil to write on the wall, but was disappointed to find that whatever the paint I mixed up is, it's glossy enough to repel charcoal, so my name and the name of the piece are fainter than intended. So add a black grease pencil to my list of things I still need to get.

All in all, I'm happy. It's not going to be a perfect presentation, but I feel confident that the piece is good. I named it Addiction, part 3.

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