Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I got mentioned in an Artomatic review!

Lenny Campello is, I think, an art dealer who keeps and contributes to several art related blogs, one of which I subscribe to because he often lists interesting art events, or discusses local artists he likes, or talks about the DC art scene as represented in the media. I just found a really good blog-post that he wrote about Artomatic's history and place in the DC art scene. He also gives examples of a few good (and generally unknown) artists on each floor of this year's show, and much to my surprise, he mentioned me! Which totally made my day, because he also named all of the excellent ceramic sculptors on my floor, so I had no expectation that he would either think my work comparable (work in progress vs. excellent finished pieces) or mention more work after naming those really excellent pieces on 10.

I'm not in the video he made, but it's worth watching for the overview.

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Jane said...

of course, I was looking for an in depth paragraph,including mention of Leon singing your praises and handing out food...
It was fun to read the review after all the other reports you've posted, a nice counterpoint and overview.