Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photos of The Road

I finally finished The Road on Sunday. Actually, it may not be totally finished, but I'm done working on it - I have to get moving faster on the piece for Artomatic. Tonight is the reception for the library's Recycled Art show, and I'm going to pull Baby Proof and replace it with The Road. I feel pretty good about this one.
The visible text is important, so I tried to make it readable in the photos. But the front page didn't come out big enough to read.

I took these photos on a desk at work, thus the yellow background.


Jane Griswold Radocchia said...

from one vantage point,the matches look like people all jammed together.. spooky

Scenic Artisan said...

this is a really terrific piece.

Alex Zealand said...

Hey Sean, thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate it. I'm considering filling the space inside with a lot more matches, because someone at work saw the piece and automatically assumed it was a statement about book burning, which it definitely isn't. But then I'd lose the way you can see all the way through, which I really like. Any thoughts?

Scenic Artisan said...

in that case i might be inclined to include some text about your pieces somewhere in the display.

i didnt go to "book burning" as such in my mind, but now i can see that aspect. "book burning" just seems to literal to me for what seems, essentially a content oriented abstraction.

i definitely like the negative space.
i hazard a guess you'll be getting plenty of feedback at AOM for these, so by the end you'll have good gauge on how people react.
i havent seen them in person yet, but i will.

Alex Zealand said...

I hadn't actually been planning to show this at AOM, but now you've made me think that I should, becuase I'd really like to hear what people think about it.

Scenic Artisan said...

oh.. whoops. i see that now.
my reading comprehension skills seem to drop as pollen levels rise.

Alex Zealand said...

That's okay - if you'd read it right the first time, I'd never have thought to show this one.