Sunday, April 13, 2008

my space at artomatic

Here's the building - it's a new office building on 1st st. NE, at M. I got lost getting there because 1st st NE is only 3 blocks from 1st st NW. Thank goodness for maps.

This is my own 12'x8' panel - I'm on the 10th floor, and it faces out the windows to the east, and the guy who took the panel to my left is a print maker. We exchanged contact info, so we can keep each other posted. We're both planning to paint the wall, but don't yet know what color. I've got to figure out if I'm going to build out off it, since we can't hang anything from the ceiling or pipes.

And here's what my wall looks like as you walk down the aisle.

Now I've got to figure out exactly what the hell I'm doing.

I've been focusing so much on my books lately that I'm not sure what else I'm really doing. The idea of a coffee filter net is the only other thing that's currently in my imagination, but I doubt that will be sellable. I think I'll need to get my ladder from Cumberland, at least.

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Parsons said...

oooh. what a great space. it reminds me of the space on the 40th(?) floor of 7 world trade. i had my art in a low-budget movie that had a scene filmed there. clean cement floors, floor to ceiling windows. what more is there to compare?!
definitely a great space- yea for you!