Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daily life

I started writing this last week, and forgot to post it -
This morning at work I said to a partron, "I make art when I'm not here". I guess I must have seemed less than all 'here', because he (a regular I see at least once a week, and to whom I generally give hot tips about what new DVDs just came in) asked very specifically how I was doing today, and if everything was all right with me. In fact, I'd just been thinking about matches, and thinking outside the visual box when you're working within a box, and just getting to that weird drifty place in my head that I go to when I'm doing serious work on developing a piece, so I suppose that I probably did seem less than my usual cheerful connected self. I'm sure I was completely staring off into space, in fact. Which is ironic, because it's in this unfocused place that I tend to make my biggest jumps forward, and it's also part of why I don't think I'd be able to create as well if all I had to do was make art - I need to let my mind get occupied with things completely unrelated to art, in order to let the things I create come into my mind.

Back to today, I've also been catching up on my google-reader page, and I'm really interested in this blog post about war memorials, from the Guardian Unlimited (I read the online art blog from the Guardian newspaper, when I remember to check my feeds....).

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