Monday, March 3, 2008

hanging spheres?

This is driving me sort of crazy - It's that problem again, of getting a 3-D object to visibly hang in space, in a photo. Maybe it will come together better when I've got all three hung up?

The first photo is with the flash, but I didn't have as much light shining right on the sphere, up-close. The second photo is without the flash (which is why it's only partly in focus - the sphere was turning), but I had two additional lights focused on it, about 2 feet away. That gives much better internal detail, but I can't take a bigger photo with that much light, because then the fixtures would be in the picture....


Art Kitten said...

Very beautiful, love your found object work.

Alex Z said...

Thank you - I've been feeling a bit frustrated laltely, so that's great to hear. How did you find me?

Jane said...

I've seen this piece, and my first reaction was that the second picture looks more like the real thing - or, more accurately, how I remember it. I thought about how the light changes during the day and how both pictures are true depictions of the sphere, how a sculpture is not frozen in time.

Your clementine sculptures caught that sense of time for me, they were moving and lit.
I like these coffee filter pieces. I don't need them to be like the earlier work.
The two photos remind me not to assume I've seen what's there.