Sunday, March 30, 2008

Artomatic '08

I just registered for Artomatic, which is coming up in May and June. I'm both excited and nervous about the event - it's a great opportunity to put up my work and meet other artists, but it's also a big commitment and, well, I've never done anything quite like it before. In fact, I'm not sure if anything else like it even exists - it takes place in a huge empty office building in the city, anyone can register as long as you can pay the fee and volunteer 15 hours of gallery sitting or installation time. It's a really big thing here, and people from all over come to see it - it's one of the many reasons why the DC art scene is super cool.

I signed up to do an installation, instead of just free-standing 3-d work, because even when I make objects they still tend to hang from the ceiling. However, you can't actually hang stuff from the ceiling of the space, so I'm going to have to 1) figure out what i'm actually installing, and 2) then create some kind of hanging grid that can be supported by whatever walls or partitions I end up with. My date for choosing my space is April 13th, and the installation dates go through May 7th, so I should have plenty time to figure out what I'm actually installing. Still, it is nervousing (yes, that is a made-up word), especially since I'm about to start a full time job and I'm about to have a lot less studio time. But a big factor in why I decided to participate in artomatic this year is because the opportunity to create a brand new, large-scale installation is too good to pass up. I haven't been thinking big at all lately, and this is a great chance to let my imagination run wild.

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Parsons said...

good luck choosing your space tomorrow! this sounds like a great opportunity!