Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Proof, waiting to be cataloged

I dropped off my altered copy of Baby Proof about a week ago, with the best cataloging I had been able to come up with (courtesy of an impromptu threshing session with E, our head cataloger at APL). E brought up some important points that I hadn't thought about, and had some new ideas for how to attribute my 'book' to me, while also making it clear that the book was originally a novel written by Emily Giffin (added 100 and 240 fields, altered 245 with a $c referring to the alteration, altered 260 and 300 fields, added 500 and 520 fields about the alteration, and an accompanying 700 field, for anyone cataloging at home).

The dilemma that then arose for us was whether or not the altered book should be shelved under F GIFFI ZEALA - placing it on the shelf after all other Emily Giffin books - or F ZEALA, placing it under my name, so that patrons would not pick it up by mistake, and be upset that they don't actually have the original book. Ideally, I've wanted patrons to be able to stumble across my stuff, to open one in the context of looking for the original and then be able to see my visual take on the subject matter, hopefully even finding that their reaction to my work influences their decision to pick up the actual book. Which is why I originally thought to catalog them with the same first cutter (GIFFI), and add me as a second cutter (ZEALA). But if patrons don't notice my work is different, and the circulation staff don't notice, a patron could get the book home and only then discover that they don't have a readable version, which could piss said patron off. Without advanced publicity about this project (which could happen after I've got enough altered books to put on display), I'd have to make my altered versions completely obviously not readable, from the moment a patron picked it up off the shelf. But that idea is the opposite of what I've been envisioning all this time. So maybe this one should be cataloged F ZEALA GIFFI for now?

Anyway, now it's up to S, the man who is in charge of coordinating my project, and will be putting the actual record into our catalog, to look over my thoughts and ideas, change what he thinks would work better, and upload the record into our catalog, for testing.


Alia Shields said...

Oooh. I like the addition to the end of the book.

I hope that you get to catalog the book as F GIFFI ZEALA. It would be a shame to have it lost in the Z's nowhere near the work you are referencing.

tenderfoot said...

hey, will you post and/or link to the marc record when it's done? i'd like to see what they ended up with.