Monday, January 28, 2008

A little bit of good news - my camera is not entirely broken. It will still take photos, but I can't preview them ahead of time. You'd think I should be able to revert back to using the viewfinder (how old-school), but I've discovered that what I see through the viewfinder does not in fact line up with what the camera lense is seeing, so I have to shoot up and to the right, and zoom in more than I think. But hey, it works, and I can take photos, and I am extremely grateful.

I didn't get much done last week because we all got disgustingly sick. There is nothing sadder than when your small child wakes up crying for you because he's just thrown up in his bed... So several days later, when I could get up off the couch, I focused on my only New Years resolution - applying for shows. First I created a written proposal for a group show at a local gallery, using the pith panels, and mailed that off. Then I applied online for an installation show in Ohio, and played around in photoshop for several hours, getting the right sized JPEGs ready to submit to an online gallery that specializes in abstract art.

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