Wednesday, November 14, 2007

drawing practice

I'm just not interested in drawing anything else right now, so here's another revolver drawing. I did it today while stuck at home with Leon, who was running a fever and couldn't go to school. He sat in the window and drew with his red crayon in an old notebook - it was very companionable.

I briefly considered opening the cylinder, but I'm still working so hard to get all the proportions right, and I just don't think I need that much more of a challenge yet.

Part of why I like taking photos of my drawings and posting them here is that only now do I see that - because I drew looking down the barrel, from this angle - the cylinder grooves are not parallel. I should have gotten up and looked at the drawing from other angles while I was working... Still, that's what I like about this as subject matter - it's such an interesting combination of geometrical shapes and odd curves.

It's also unfinished - again - because this is as far as I could get before the light changed too dramatically.


Parsons said...

i hope you're keeping the revolvers out of Leon's reach! :P love the drawings.

Alex Z said...

Oh yes - he doesn't get to touch them unless Daddy is showing them to him. We're big on gun safety!