Thursday, October 11, 2007

The piece in the show

I'm still working out just how exactly this hangs but so far it looks like this.

I'm also still working on the interior lighting - at the moment, I'm using round push lights, which are battery powered, and fairly cheap at Target. In this image there are 3 hanging behind the piece, but I'm going to try to add at least one more for greater center coverage. I'd like it to glow a little more, although this photo isn't entirely representational, since it was taken with the flash.

Here's what it looks like on my wall. It feel a little volcanic, which is interesting.

Another question I'm still working on is just how long the batteries in the push-lights will keep going. Will they have to be replaced half way through the show?


Jane said...

if you will be there, replace them anyway, so they don't go out near the end..
you taking the piece apart will give people a chance to talk to you and ask about it -

Alex Z said...

I ended up using plug-in flourescents from Home Depot instead, the kind that you attach under cabinets. They look pretty good, at least good enough for a one day show. I'll post photos of the gallery after tonight.

Alexandra said...

this looked pretty awesome tonight at the show. hope to see some more of your work soon!


Alex Z said...

Thanks so much! I'll post about the show tomorrow - it was great.