Thursday, September 20, 2007


This morning I was working at my table and Leon wanted to 'help.' So after he unrolled a spool of black thread, I gave him a box of spring clips to play with. His fingers aren't strong enough to squeeze them open yet, so I was showing him how they could bite each other and fit together. Then I got inspired and excited, and made this. The first photo is of the piece resting flat on white paper, and in the second it is hanging in front of a white wall (both taken with flash, since my lighting is bad).

When I was done, I thanked Leon, because (as I told him) he had given me the idea, and without his inspiration, I never would have create this. He said, "You're welcome. Maybe next time you can make me a Transformer out of paper clips." It's amazing - and terrifying - that he thinks there is nothing I can't make.

Anyway, I'm thinking of taking a trip to Staples, and experimenting with variations on the theme, using clips of different sizes and colors.

I should also note that I thought of my friend Ben's Prada Bag/Spring Clip Sculpture photo when I made this.


Jane said...

the rhythm of this is fascinating - how it can only grow in certain ways and yet is not quite as predictable and I would have imagined - it grows as a circle does, but with its own geometry.

I am interested in seeing if it has only one geometry and if it can be more than bas relief -really 3-D.

Jane said...

"as I would have imagined"

Unknown said...

I have a pic for you re: the 3D idea.

If you bend the handles back and squeeze them sideways, you can get them off. Once you do that, you can interlock the handles to create 3D forms.

Happy Clipping!