Monday, August 20, 2007

Online critique

Since moving again last year, I've still not found a local group to critique with. So I'm going to try to do it online, to reach my old gang far away, and to maybe pick up some new critics as well. Of course, given the nature of my work, it's not going to be the same - looking at images vs. actually being in the same room with the work, and walking around it. But this is better than nothing, right?
So here are some shots of a piece I'm working on right now. But I'm struggling too - the original idea was to hang it in a window, so that the light would shine through. I'm having a bit of trouble with the practical and structural aspects - the coffee filters keep wanting to curve in on each other, in a sort of spherical way - they are, after all, cone shaped. So I'm playing with sphere shape as well, but I still really want to figure out how to sew them into a relatively flat mass that can be hung within the diameter of a 4 or 5 foot wooden hoop.
Comments and feedback - critical and thoughtful - most appreciated.


Alex Z said...

testing the comments.

Jane said...

You're working with an organic shape - the cone - so I think there is probably a flower or plant, a shell perhaps, that uses cones and is also flat... which one I don't know. (yet! hmmmmmm)
You are dealing with the geometry of circles, how they connect, but they are wobbly circles, not like honey comb with its stiff 6 sides.
Have you thought about reversing some of the cones, so that some of the bowls faces inward?
What happens if you suspend the mass from the ring you mentioned? That might stablize the shape.
Does it then need a light box?