Friday, August 31, 2007

Revolver 2, updated

C wanted to give this drawing to a friend - even though I told him it wasn't finished, or meant to be anything more than a study for me. But he insisted. So I added a little color to the background so that it would have a cleaner contrast. I'm posting this photo because it's all I've got of the drawing now.

This is also my kitchen table, with the flags of the world place mat...


Jane said...

the surroundings give it context, which I liked, but (at least in this presentation on-line) the world map is not visible as anything identify-able - just color and pattern off in the corner.

Yes, good to draw and know concretely what your students are struggling with. and good to have a copy - now ( based on my experience s looking for something I did a while ago and thought I'd never need!) print another good copy for your files!

Jane said...

I just realized the 'context' I liked so much was your kitchen, not the drawing! oh well, I liked my context.